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Rehoming cats and kittens abroad


Quite a few cats and kittens are rehomed abroad, mainly in Germany and Belgium, but also in Austria, Holland and Switzerland. These countries have hardly any strays on the streets, breeding is very highly regulated and, if there are any strays or lost animals, they are quickly collected and either returned to their owner or rehomed.

They have extremely strict animal controls in these countries and the rescue agencies make sure the animals get excellent homes.

All potential owners are fully checked out.  For example, they would not home a dog in a small apartment without a garden.  Also, if someone has a house with a garden, the garden has to be dog proof, meaning fenced in and with nothing dangerous in the garden.

Every young animal that is rehomed in one of the above countries is pre-booked at the vets for neutering at six months old. 
It is vital these appointments are kept and if they are not, the rescue agency has the right to remove the animal. All older animals are neutered before they go.

To prepare a Cat for one of the above countries, it has to be:  Neutered, Microchipped, Tested for Feline Aids and Leukaemia, treated for Worms and Fleas, have a Rabies Injection and issued with a Passport. A kitten has to be a minimum of 12 weeks old before it can fly without its mother (or surrogate). Sometimes they allow a mother cat to fly with her younger kittens, as long as they have been checked by a vet and they are all healthy. They don't have the same Rabies restrictions as in the UK.

The rescue agencies have an arrangement with some people who come on holiday to Tenerife (and other countries).  
This is a well known practice. These people will contact the agency to let them know they are going to Tenerife and ask them if they would like them to bring any animals back with them. Those travelling back with the animals are met at the airport by a representative of the animal agency and the animal is then taken to the centre.  Some animals are sent direct to their new family.

The centres are heated, very clean and comfortable, and the animals have everything they need and are very well looked after. Most of the animals who go to the centre will have pre-arranged loving homes waiting for them.  The ones without a pre-arranged home will not be in the centre for long, as they have many people waiting to give good homes to cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.